Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Happy 2nd Birthday His Frozen Heart!!

Two years?  Wow!  His Frozen Heart was a story in my head since 2012.  I hate leaving readers hanging, so I refused to start writing it until after I had finished Centaur Redemption.

As soon as Centaur Redemption published (Jan 2014), this book nearly wrote itself.  It was my first try at anything outside Mythology/Paranormal.  After seven books in the fantasy genre, most of my friends warned me against jumping into the Suspense/Thriller genre - but I didn't care. 

Candy and Libby were vivid in my head.  So was Dave.  There were challenges I wasn't prepared for though.  In the Destiny and Touched Series, if I wrote myself into a corner I could create a "superpower" so to speak and get the characters where I needed them.  I learned quickly that you can't do that with regular humans.  LoL! 

Of my books - Candy's memories of Dave in high school pull at my heart strings the most fiercely.  We all knew a "Dave" in high school.  Some of us aren't as fortunate as Candy and get a second chance to right the past.

I think I'm going to end this post and go find a glass of wine and maybe a piece of cake to celebrate.

Happy Reading!

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