Friday, August 26, 2016

Flashback Friday: Adventures in Bookland

I can tell this is quickly going to become my favorite type of post to share.  As I sift through my archive of book bloggers / reviewers who have touched my heart there are many who stand out.

Michelle from Adventures in Bookland is one I want to tell you about today.  Before I jump right in, here is her blog's address.  Add it to your favorites, because she will NEVER steer you wrong and always has fantastic recommendations.

I know a few of you don't like to stalk blogs, that's okay.  Here is her Amazon review profile:

July 2016 she reviewed Shroud of Lies

I won't post all of her review links, but she also reviewed Fractured Karma (May 2015), His Frozen Heart (Oct 2014), Centaur Legacy (Feb 2015), Blood Debt (Dec 2014), etc, etc.  Do you see why I love this lady?

You can find her on twitter, too:

Please stop by and show this lady some love!  Michelle, if you read this - Thank you!!  I'm more grateful for your support than you could ever know.

Happy Reading,

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