Sunday, July 17, 2016

Super Giveaway Sunday!

How would you like to win a signed paperback from me? 

You're a mythology fan and want one from the Touched Series?

You bet!

You love it when a book makes your heart race?  Then one of the Brewer Brother books might be for you.  Meet Mark and Dave Brewer and let them take you through the discovery of who they really are and the women they can't live without.  Never mind the bullets or criminals who are on their heels every step along the way.
You wonder who you were in a past life?  What about who you were in a whole bunch of past lives?  If so, then a book from the Destiny Series might be for you.

You may be wondering, "How do I win?" 

Easy-peasy!!  Sign up for my mailing list.  That's it.  To sign up, just hit that "DEAL" button on the top left of my blog.  I promise not to spam you - the only time I use this list is to share new release information.

Already signed up?  No problem!  I'm going to pick TWO more winners from my existing mailing list!!

Winner One:  selected at random from the mailing list for anyone who signs up between today and 1:00PM on Saturday July 23. 
Winner Two and Three:  selected at random from the mailing list for people who were ALREADY signed up for my mailing list before this post.

Good luck and Happy Reading,