Saturday, April 23, 2016

Whew, now that was a week!

Hi Everybody,

I'm not 100% sure what time zone I'm in, but I wanted to give you an update on my whirlwind week!

Last weekend, my youngest and I road tripped to Georgia for a friend's wedding.  You can see on his face how excited he was to be in the car for five hours, right?  Never mind the angry face, I get that from him all the time - check him out in a tie!! 

After our weekend adventure, we arrived home Sunday and in was a massive effort to do laundry because I had a 6:15 AM flight to California to catch.  Early flights always sound like a good idea when you are booking them.  In theory they're a great idea, in execution: not so much.  I began feverishly packing and Zoey was removing items out of my suitcase as fast as I could put them in.  Furry four-legged children are NEVER helpful when it comes to suitcases and socks.

Landed in Los Angeles.  I swear the farmers in California must be sprinkling their fertilizer on the concrete because the city looks larger every time I see it!

HUGE highlight for me was Monday mid-day.  Jill Maglione and Tristan Wright agreed to meet me for a late lunch in Pasedena.  Who are Jill and Tristan, you ask?  Two of the most talented audiobook narrators on the planet, that's who!  Jill narrated His Frozen Heart and Tristan is the narrator for Fractured Karma and Shroud of Lies. 

It's funny, but since I associate their voices with my characters, it felt like I was eating lunch with Candy and Mark from the Brewer Brothers Series!  If you haven't heard them, here are sample links on Youtube.

Jill Maglione narrating His Frozen Heart:  SAMPLE LINK
Tristan Wright narrating Fractured Karma:  SAMPLE LINK

By Wednesday I was fully embracing the beach life.  I soooo love the sounds and smells of the ocean.  Sadly, there's no audio or scratch and sniff on my website, so you'll just have to enjoy the pictures.

Mandy at "I Read Indie" Blog surprised me with a review of Fractured Karma this week.  If you are ever looking for book recommendations she has literally - hundreds of book reviews.  Mandy was the first blogger who ever interviewed me - I soooo love this lady!  Here is a link to her blog.

I spent Thursday night on the harbor in San Diego.  I wish I'd have tried to get a better picture, so don't let my photography skills color your option - it was beautiful.

Finally, on the last leg home to Charleston, there was no greater joy than seeing my bags had made an extremely tight connection (the two purple bags are mine!).  My trip to California was great and in between all the trips to the beach, I even found some quality time on my laptop for writing!

Hope you all had a great week, too!

Happy Reading, Nancy

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