Saturday, November 7, 2015

His Frozen Heart: Candy in 6 Words

Witty, Intelligent, Strong, Dependable, Selfless, and Courageous

Witty - Candy thinks quickly on her feet and has a personality many readers will gravitate to:  she is that really funny friend that you love to spend time with. 
Intelligent - She quickly assesses situations and makes decisions based on her heart and her head. 
Strong - Candy’s strength is rivaled by few; despite finding herself in some horrific situations, she never backs down and comes out swinging each time she is backed into a corner. 
Dependable - She and Libby are living on their own, struggling through life with barely enough money to get by, yet she doesn’t have a daily pity party, instead she works three jobs while putting herself through college. 
Selfless - In several of the scenes, self-preservation should have been more of a driving factor in her decisions, but Candy cannot help but put others needs ahead of her own. 
Courageous - Libby comes face to face with the man who has assaulted her best friend, shot her boyfriend, and has hunted her with mercy for days – she uses her wits to engage an unlikely ally to gain the upper hand.

Are these the same words you would use to describe Candy???

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