Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Favorite Quotes from Blood Debt

I got a great note from a reader today who had just discovered my Touched Series.  She had a few favorite scenes and that gave me an idea for a blog post - I figured I'd share a few of my favorite quotes from Blood Debt.  Since Shroud of Lies (Brewer Brothers, book 3) is complete and is going through the editing process now, I'm heading back to the Touched Series to write a 5th book.

ANGELA:  "Bravery is measured by how hard you try, not by whether you actually succeed."

When people hear the word, “bravery” they typically think of a warrior or soldier in some epic battle.  I love this quote because bravery is an everyday occurrence done by everyday people.  It takes bravery to do what’s right when it would be easier to look the other way.  It takes bravery to be honest.  The context of this quote in the story reminds the reader that they, themselves do brave actions all the time.  

DANIEL:  “You know, I saw that on the news last week.  People walking down the street, minding their own business, and BAM their lips turn elastic and wrap themselves around a friend’s man.  Happens all the time.  It’s a side-effect from the ‘Stupid Pill.’  Must have refilled your prescription before you lef’ town.”

LoL!  Daniel was a secondary character who stole several scenes during the first four books in the Touched Series.  The book I am working on now, number five, is Daniel's book.  Daniel is Cami’s best friend from California and is that constant voice of reason when she needs it.  When Cami first met Drake, she was trying to explain why she had kissed Drake on the yacht – this quote was Daniel’s response. 

CAMILLE:  “That sucks, Drake, because I do.  I want time.  I want to savor you.  Get to know you.  I want something more than just a physical attraction.  I don’t want you to miss me while we’re apart.  I want your whole body to ache, to go through withdrawals for me.”  

I think every woman wants this level of love.  Very few of us are lucky enough to find that partner who aches for us when we’re apart – but that’s what I love about Cami:  she’s willing to ignore what everyone else says is tradition and acceptable and wait for the love she wants to develop.    

Would love to hear some of your favorite quotes!

Happy Reading,

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