Saturday, June 27, 2015

Nova Scotia: Here I come!!

It's always fun to go somewhere you've never been, right?  I have traveled all over the world, but I have never been to Nova Scotia. I did all of the things that one does before they embark on a week trip.  First, I checked the weather to see what to pack:  13 degrees C is the high.  After feverishly racking my brain to remember C to F conversion, I went to Google.  Damn!  Did you know the high is like 55F?  In the middle of Summer???  Did you know that it's been a solid week of 95F+ here in South Carolina?  Where are my sweaters?  Time to unpack my winter clothes.

Over the initial shock of the weather change (not really, but you'll think I'm a baby if I complain much more); I looked at my airline ticket.  Delta departure at 6:30am on Saturday.  Really?  What the heck was I thinking when I booked this trip?  Who leaves at 6:30am and on a Saturday? 
Next I did a search for my travel destination: Prince Edward Island - okay, no more complaining.  These are the images that Google has stored for Prince Edward Island.

If it is even half as beautiful as Google says it is, I am going to love this trip.  It looks like it is pretty close to the frozen tundra, keep your fingers crossed that no freak summer snow storm blows through in the next week.  Happy Reading, Nancy

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