Monday, June 22, 2015

Day 3 UTopYA

Saturday began with a Keynote from Kim Holden.  Her sentiments on how to "Do Epic" was a call to action for us all to make the most of every aspect of our lives.

After the keynote, I returned to the hotel.  Toby and Zack had done what "I" wanted to do for the last two days.  I figured I would skip out on UTopYA for a few hours and do what they wanted to do since they had been such great sports.  I shared a quick "see-ya-later" to Tammie, Charles and Kelly and headed back to the hotel room.

After some prodding, Toby let it slip that he wanted to check out a Ford Dealership in Murfreesboro.  I packed up Zack's entertainment pack (DS player, DVD player, etc) and headed for the elevator with my men in tow.  Once we got there, it took exactly 5 minutes for Toby to take a truck for a test drive.  The good news:  Toby purchased a new truck that he loves.  The bad news:  I had to drive myself back to Charleston on Sunday.
Now, I had two days of doing exactly what I loved.  Toby had a couple hours of pure truck-buying-joy and then it was Zack's turn.  His request was significantly easier.  He wanted to go to a candy store and wanted a pretzel.  A quick stop to the Green Hills Mall and it was, "Mission Accomplished!"
It's cool when the simple things keep them happy!

Yes, I MADE him stand in front of the Candy store for a picture.

Before we knew it, we had blown the whole afternoon and it was time for the UTopYA Awards.  Do I have two handsome men, or what? 

Spent several more hours with friends waiting for the awards ceremony to begin.
Toby, Nancy, Kelly, Charles, Tammie & Stacey

Ginny Gallagher
I was beyond excited that His Frozen Heart was nominated for Best Contemporary Romance and the my Brewer Brothers Series was nominated for Best Contemporary Series. (I didn't win, but was honored to be nominated!)

Guess who DID Win?  Deserving awardees for every award, but the two ladies I was most excited to see on stage were Tammie and Amy!!
Tammie Zimmerman won the Best Blogger Award!!

Amy Bartol: Best Author, Book of the Year, Best Book Hangover!!
Finally, there are so many people I have met the last few years who I feel I will never be able to thank enough.  Mandy from IreadIndie Book Blog is one of them.  She was the first blogger who ever agreed to read one of my books and spread the word.  I'm sure she will never know how truly grateful I am for her support, but I FINALLY got the chance to hug her in person! She is beautiful on the inside and out and I was humbled to meet one of my idols.
Rock Star:  Mandy at IReadIndie Blog!!!
And that my friends, was the end of UTopYA 2015 for me!!  I had a great time and will soon begin counting the days until next year! 

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