Sunday, December 14, 2014

Random Questions I Have Received

Hi Everybody!

Something you may not know about me:  I answer every email, tweet, message or note I receive.  I thought it may be fun to compile some of the questions I've received lately and share the answers with you.

1.       What was the first thing you say you wrote as an author?

Meeting Destiny – published 4 years ago.

2.       Is there another field of work you saw yourself doing?

I have a great career that I love as a Business Development Manager for a US Manufacturer – writing is what I do with my “me” time.  Although I'm thrilled with the success I have achieved, writing is my secondary career.  I'm pretty lucky to have two careers which do not collide that both give me a great deal of joy.

3.       What guilty pleasure or quirky ritual do you have to have while you are writing?

I like to have my dog, Flash, curled up with me on my recliner with a can of Sour Cream and Onion flavored Pringles.  Although I’m not opposed to a handful of bite sized snickers bars, either. 

4.       Who is your biggest inspiration?

My inspiration changes each time I open my laptop, but one of the authors who inspires me is Amber Garr.  She has an amazing career as a scientist, yet writes for the same reason I do – because she loves creating worlds to share with others.  Meeting her in person in Nashville earlier this year was awesome – I followed that meeting up with reading her Touching Evil novel and was hooked!

5.       What Is your favorite place and time to write?

My living room either after everyone goes to bed or before they wake up.

6.       Has anyone made you so mad you wanted to write them into the next book just to off them? 
LoL – I have a pretty long fuse, so, no.  I can only think of one person ever in my life who I wished bad things on, but I have not written him into any of my books. 

7.       Do your Characters ever argue with you and who wins?

Once the characters find their voice, I always let them tell the story.  I start every book with an outline, but by chapter 2 it is usually out the window.

8.       What is the oddest place or time that a book idea has come to you and you just had to stop and write it down?

Driving – it happens all the time.  I find myself buzzing into gas stations way more often than my car needs fuel.  Thank goodness for texts, because I text ideas to myself a lot!

9.   What Genre do you typically write in and why? 

I have three books that are Paranormal Romance, four books that are Mythological Romance, and one Contemporary Romance.  I think the common theme is Romance – because everyone wants to be loved, we can all relate to the stories even if the circumstances are a little “out there.”

10.   What are you currently working on?

His Frozen Heart released on 11/9/2014.  Although it was written as a stand-alone (no cliff hanger), there will be three books in this series.  The second book, Fractured Karma, should be published around March 2015. 

11.   Do you ever put personal experiences into your work? 

Yes!  All the time!!  Funny phrases I hear often make it into books, too.  One of my favorites was in Centaur Redemption:  "Talking to you is like trying to shove a pig through a python."  I still giggle every time I think of that one. 

12.   Where is the one place in the world you would love to go?

I spent ten years traveling the world while I was in the Marine Corps.  While active duty I lived in Hawaii, Orange County, San Diego and Virginia Beach.  I traveled to Japan, Korea, Thailand, Australia, Alaska and a ton of other places.  My husband and I have traveled all over the world together for vacations - I wouldn’t mind returning to Thailand, but I’m equally happy to keep my feet planted firmly in South Carolina.

13.   What is your favorite food and beverage?

Mountain Dew is BY FAR my drink of choice (shhhh, don’t tell my dentist – he’s convinced I am purposely sabotaging the enamel on my teeth).  As far as food goes, I LOVE Vanilla Ice Cream with a warm brownie.

14.   We all have Pet Peeves, what is yours?

I’m not big fan of drama.  Luckily, there is very little in my life.  Every now and again I’ll see a “drama queen” on FB – those are the posts I tend to ignore.

15.   What do you like to do to relax?  

*Scrambles for the dictionary*  Relax?  Do people do that?  I’ve always thought it to be more theoretical.  I have a full-time career, two fantastic sons, three rotten dogs and a husband who I love to spend time with.  Relaxing for me is creating new worlds for others to enjoy, although between writing, editing, beta reads, blog tours, ebooks, paperbacks, audios, most days writing doesn't feel very relaxing, either.

If any of you have questions, feel free to type them in the comments or you can email me, too, at  Happy Reading!


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