Sunday, November 30, 2014

Why Centaurs???

Anytime someone new reads my Touched Series, one of the first questions I am asked is: "Why Centaurs?"

There have been so many Paranormal Romances I’ve read and LOVED.  Each one has been an inspiration to me.  It would be impossible to name them all, but a few of my FAVORITES are:  
         ·         Amy Bartol’s Premonition Series (Angels),
         ·         Christie Rich’s Elemental Enmity Series (Fairies),
         ·         Shannon Dermott’s Champion Series (Demons / Angels),
         ·         Quinn Loftis’ Grey Wolves Series (Werewolves)  
         ·         Charlotte Abel’s Channie Series (Magical).
         ·         Jennifer Armentrout’s Lux Series (Aliens).

The things all of these Paranormal Romance Series have in common are I absolutely fell in love with the characters and I was dying to know what was on the next page.  Each series reached out and pulled me into my kindle.  I knew I wanted to draw the reader in the same way, but I didn’t want to use a “type” of character one of my friends had written. 

Before I started writing the Touched Series, I began to researching Mythology in general.  One creature showed up as a secondary type of character in many – Centaurs.  Although the old fables were fun to read, I knew I wanted my story set in modern times, where readers could relate to the things the main character was going through.  Centaurs had always been interesting to me, but I’d read almost nothing about them.  It turns out, very few others had written about Centaurs and there weren’t a tremendous amount of legends available to pull from. 

I incorporated much of the published Greek Mythology surrounding Centaurs and in a few places I created a history which hadn’t been there before.  There is a lot of freedom, as an author, when you choose characters without a great deal of history behind them.  Most readers know what Centaurs are, but few know about the history of their battles, how they’re tied to constellations, or perceptions of them throughout history. 

I’m excited to share the Touched Series with the world.  I hope you’ll love it as much as I do!

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