Thursday, May 16, 2013

What's the appeal of Paranormal Romance?

From the author perspective, there’s a lot of freedom to be creative when the character’s get to a stumbling block in the story and I’m able to create a power for them to overcome their obstacles.  Anything can happen when writing about mythical creatures with supernatural powers!  They can have superhuman strength, they can fly, be immortal, be psychic and the list goes on. 

I think it’s appealing to me as a reader for much the same reason.  Life is full of all kinds of demands on our schedules and days that easily fall into a routine -- it’s nice to live vicariously through creatures who don’t suffer a mundane existence.  They can all be young and attractive, wealthy, and special – yet, still maintain human emotions.  The paranormal genre is a way to weave our emotions into extraordinary situations.

When our real lives are full of financial concerns, unemployment worries, stress or drama from co-workers and friends it’s appealing to get lost in a story.  It’s exciting when a kick-butt heroine is fearlessly fighting demons, or falling in love with an immortal, or searching for the object that will give her the happy ending we want her to have.

For me, the appeal of Paranormal Romance is simply the escape.  

Happy Reading!

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