Monday, May 27, 2013

Character Map for the Touched Series

I got the funniest message today regarding Blood Debt, Centaur Legacy and Centaur Rivalry.  I'll paraphrase, but it was in essence - "Could you possibly put more characters in this series?"

There are a few secondary characters not shown in the map, but each of those play into the parallel stories.  Most of you may already know that there will be five books in the Touched Series.  Each of Camille's half-brothers has a parallel story told in a single book.  Camille and Drake's adventures are seen through the entire series, but each book focuses on one of her half-brothers, too.

In Blood Debt you met Bruce and Hannah.  Bruce's story was shortened because this was the first book in the series.  

In Centaur Legacy, Beau won Lacey's heart.

In Centaur Rivalry, Brent had to choose between his betrothed and a human who surprised everybody.

Centaur Redemption, everyone will get to meet Ben and the final book (so far still untitled), you guessed it - Bart finds his future.

Well, the short answer to the question today?  Yes.  The last two books in the series will have a couple new characters.  Below is a character map of the key characters in the Touched Series.

Thanks to all of you who have recommended the Touched (and Destiny) Series to your friends!!  You have no idea what a feeling it is to hear from someone who was recommended my series by one of their friends.

Keep the questions and comments coming in.  As I get them I'll do my best to answer them for everyone right here.  

Happy Reading!


  1. Interesting wheel! Love, love, love this series. Glad to hear there are five in the series.....guess I won't be missing any by the time I get all five under my belt! I am so grateful for afternoons spent with you in a book!

    1. Hi Beth, thanks so much for letting me know you like the series! My friends thought I was nuts when I told them I was writing a mythological romance with Centaurs. LOL! Comments like yours *doing the Snoopy dance* are seriously appreciated. Thanks so much for the post - you've completely made my week! :D

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