Monday, October 1, 2012

Centaur Legacy Cover Reveal

SQUEEEEEE!!! Centaur Legacy's Cover is ready and I absolutely LOVE it!!

@SPNHeather (Twitter ID) is organizing a cover reveal for Centaur Legacy (Touched Series, Book 2)  If you'd like to participate, here is the link to sign up:

The reveal will be Wednesday 10/10/2012.

This is as much of a glimpse as you can see until 10/10/2012. . .  

Happy Reading!


  1. Pffft! How is it that she beat you to it!! Hahahaha I got my email early today to sign up which of course I so did!! But I JUST got yours lol... Anywho! IM SOOOOOO EXCITEDDD!!!!!! I'm DYING here, waiting :) but YAY!!! Hahahahaha I had to get that out! :) it's gunna be a blast!

  2. Because Heather is waaaaaay more efficient than I am, that's how!! LOL! Thanks so much for signing up!!! I cannot wait for the world to see the new cover. Centaur Legacy goes out to beta readers this week. :)

  3. 4 MORE DAYS!!! Can't wait to show it to everyone! Thanks for coordinating the cover reveal for me, Heather!!