Saturday, September 8, 2012

Decatur Adventure

Hello Everyone!

Last weekend I went to my very first "author event," it was the Decatur Book Festival just outside of Atlanta.  It was amazing!  I have been chatting with authors who I admire and whose books I think are amazing for over a year and this was the first chance to meet many of them in person.  I also got to meet a few of my favorite book bloggers.  The heat was outrageous but despite our concerns, none of us actually melted.

Charlotte Abel has been one of my favorite authors ever since I read her book Enchantment (Channie Series).  We chat regularly on twitter and goodreads.  I asked if she would go to the festival with me and to my surprise she agreed and she brought Kris Kendel (her editor and publicist, too!

Friday night, several of us went to dinner at a barbarque place and ended up closing it down.  Back row: Kris Kendel, Gloria Green, Courtney Cole, Fisher Amelie, Michelle Leighton, me, Amy Bartol.  Front row: Charlotte Abel, Georgia Cates and Shelly Crane. We were all smiles because we were inside the air conditioning at the time!!

 Sunday night we were exhausted but you can't see it through all the smiles!

Saturday night we all nearly closed Applebees.  Adriane Tate-Boyd, Charlotte, me and Laura Elliot!!

I met tons of amazing bookbloggers, but Tess Watson, Brittni Guillen, and Heather Robbins are three who I have been chatting with forever and I got to hang out with all of them!!!!

Finally, Michelle Mutto, Amy Jones and Courtney Cole were so awesome I came home and bought their books!!  I'm reading Amy's now!

All in all, it was an Amazing weekend!! I couldn't have had more fun and I cannot wait to see all of these ladies again next summer at UTopYA in Nashville the end of June!!


  1. hey, you were even hanging out with Michelle and Amy (my booth mates). I wanted to make that dinner on Sunday, but I was tapped out and knew I had to drive back home to Jacksonville in the morning, so I passed. Hopefully our paths will cross again and we can meet IRL.

    1. Jessie - I'm so sorry I missed you! I will definitely be looking for you at UTopYA!!!

  2. It was *amazing* to meet you and I had a blast at the DFB. I'm hoping to be there next year with my debut fantasy novel... we shall see. I hope you'll be back next year, and I'll definitely be there as a fan and reader either way :)