Tuesday, May 1, 2012

And the winner is . . .

Let me start by saying – I was COMPLETELY blown away by the number of people that entered the contest and the amazing titles you suggested.  Picking a title for a book is akin to naming a child and you can ask my husband – that was no easy ordeal either!    

Before I share with you the winners, please know that I am forever grateful to each and every one of you that offered to help me!  I’ve been trying to not get crazy excited over the next series, as this is just the first book in a series that will have four (five if I get long-winded) – but I need to tell you all – YOU ARE THE BEST FRIENDS and FANS any author could ever hope for!!

“Thank you,” will never be adequate. 

For everyone that participated:  As soon as I push the “publish” button (sometime in July-Sep), I will message each one of you a coupon so that you can download a FREE copy as my thanks to you.

Now for the winners: 
Gothic Angel  -  Book Title Submission:  BLOOD DEBT
Bridget Howard – Series Title Submission: TOUCHED  

Dreamscape Covers is again working their magic for me.  I’ll give you all a sneak peak of the cover around May 20 (sooner if the cover is ready quicker).  Okay, I can’t help it, *SQUEAL!!!*

Happy Reading!
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