Friday, January 20, 2012

The new cover revealed!

If you haven’t noticed yet, Destiny’s Revenge got its new cover yesterday.  Dreamscape covers did a fabulous job, again!  Any authors out their looking for a great design, I highly recommend their custom work! 

Ready for the big unveil?  Destiny’s Wrath will release 1/30/12!! The book’s synopsis is:

In the final installment of the Destiny Series, Lauren and Max still yearn for their normal life together.  Although finally united, they’re unable to enjoy their bliss when they learn nine people have been viciously murdered.  The murderer is a young man who saved Max’s life months earlier.  Lauren and Max must decide how to help the young man and destroy the evil that resides within him.  The only thing the Council and the Cabinet can agree on is:  Lauren and Max need to stay away.  Lauren and Max worry that this time the evil may consume them both.  Nobody involved saw the power of Destiny’s Wrath until it was upon them.


  1. Nancy, It is sooo exciting to see Max on the cover. At long last, the heart-throb makes an appearance. Totally love all the covers of the trilogy. Well done Dreamscape Covers!! :D

  2. Hi Keren! I couldn't believe it when I saw this model - HE was Max! He was exactly how I pictured him when I was writing! Dreamscape Covers did an amazing job with all three.