Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Win a Kindle Fire to Celebrate His Frozen Heart's Release!!

Guess what time it is!!! Yep, Giveaway time.

We have an awesome giveaway for you all.

 In preperation for Nancy Straight's release of "His Frozen Heart"

we are going to give away the following awesome prizes.
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  • ebook of His Frozen Heart

We have 2 giveaways going on.  One for US residents, and one for International.  We have two separate rafflecopter entry's.  The first one is for US Residents, and the 2nd is for international.  Scroll down to the second entry to enter the international giveaway. 

This giveaway is for US Residents only.
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International Giveaway is below We will be giving away 3 ebook from Amazon for international entries.  Yep, that's right, 3 people will be chosen at winning this awesome prize:
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For best friends, Candy and Libby, money is tight with hardly enough to cover their living expenses. When they are desperate for grocery money, the girls bet on their pool playing skills to add to their income.
A simple wager on a quiet winter evening has devastating results, with a stalker determined to kill them both. With Libby in the hospital after a vicious attack, and Candy being pursued by the same stalker, she vows to find Libby's attacker.
What she finds is Dave, an old friend with a secret past filled with misfortune. Will Dave’s past provide the answer to all of Candy’s problems or will it become Candy’s worst nightmare realized?

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Audible: Coming Soon (11/9/2014)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Huge Giveaway!!

Hi Everybody,

My first fan ever - for real - the first one is Charles Young.  He wanted to interview me on his blog today.  It's worth stopping over to say hello because he has some HUGE prizes you can win!  Hurry, it's only 3 days and includes paperbacks, audiobooks, ebooks and gift cards!!

Good Luck & Happy Reading, Nancy

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Teaser Tuesday - His Frozen Heart

We are inside 30 days from His Frozen Heart's release (11/9/2014) I thought a few of you may want a
little sneak peek.  Have you ever had a best friend who could talk you into anything?  You did?  Was her name Libby???

Maybe you'll see that best friend you had in this excerpt:

Chapter 1

I ran to the shadow of an enormous maple tree and crouched low to the ground.  I couldn’t believe I had let Libby talk me into this.  We had set our alarm clock for 2 AM, then sneaked out of my house while my parents were sound asleep.  Libby was ticked off about some stupid science assignment over spring break.  She believed she had been purposely singled out by Mr. Brinks.  I pointed out that her entire class had a project to work on over the break, but she insisted her assigned project was more difficult than everyone else’s. 
Still confident that this was the dumbest idea she had come up with in months, I asked, “You’re sure this is his house?”
“Of course, I’m sure.  I wrote down the house number today, 811 Stone Avenue.”
I eyed the small scrap of paper in her hand – only the number was scrawled down.  “You’re sure this is the right street?”
“C’mon already.  Yes, his address is 811 Stone Avenue.  Do you need me to break in and steal a piece of his mail?”
I was struggling to find a way to talk her out of her plan.  Delaying, I pointed at the driveway, “I thought he drove a blue four-door car?”
Her gaze drifted to the driveway where a red SUV was parked.  She shrugged my question off, “Maybe he keeps it in the garage.”
“Or maybe this isn’t the right address.”  I eyed the upscale neighborhood where the two-story brick home stood.  It had a three car garage, and there looked to be a detached guest house in the back.  This didn’t look like the sort of home a high school science teacher could afford.
Libby scowled at me, “It’s the right address.  Are you going to help me or not?”
I took another look at the SUV.  The license plate caught my eye:  it was a vanity plate that read: SUPRINT.  “What do you think the license plate stands for?”
Libby barked, “Surprise instantly, super instantly, super instructor. . . who knows, he’s a dork.  If you aren’t going to help me, go wait in the car.”
As much as I hated this idea, I couldn’t let Libby do it on her own.  I grabbed a roll of toilet paper, “Okay.  I’m helping.  I’ll take the trees, you do the house.”
“You’re the best.”  Those were the last words spoken before the two of us set off an external alarm and the house lit up like Caesar’s Palace.  A computerized voice began to broadcast, “Intruder alert,” every five seconds.  Flood lights poured down onto the grass from several points on the roof. Lights in the house turned on, then the computerized voice coming through the loud speaker shut off.  We had obviously awakened Mr. Brinks, and he was about to catch us red-handed teepeeing his house.  I froze.  I willed my legs to move, but they ignored me.  


Monday, October 13, 2014

Delphina Henley's New Book!!

Unless You Can Be A Unicorn Banner  
Happy Release Week Sale!!!  Only $.99 for one week only!
Unless you can be aUnicorn_high
Always be yourself... that was the last advice Scout's Grandma Nora gave her before she died. Scout has spent her life trying to be anything but, but she has a chance to start anew as she moves several states away to college. She had always thought the glowing aura she saw around some people was a childhood fancy, but when it starts coming back just as she's starting her new life, she learns there was much hidden about who she truly is.
Thankfully, she has a motley crew to help her along the way: a spunky bookseller, a trustworthy pub owner, a commanding grandmother, a possible best friend, and a hot rocker boy who only has eyes for her.
Unless You Can Be A Unicorn is a New Adult Paranormal Romance with content appropriate for a Young Adult audience.
Unless you can be aUnicorn_Final
Giveaway: Be sure to enter to win a Ginormous Gift Pack of Awesome including a GC, Books, swag and more :You can check out the prize pack on the FB Release Day Extravaganza page and join the fun!
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Wednesday, October 8, 2014


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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Audiobook Update

So, am I the only one who LOVES audiobooks?  I doubt it!  I got to thinking I hadn't shared the status on my books as audios.  All four books in the Touched Series are currently available from Audible, Amazon and i-Tunes!  I hope to have them available on CD-ROM by Christmas.

All three books in the Destiny Series are currently available from Audible, Amazon and i-Tunes.  There are currently no plans for this series to be available on CD-ROM.

 His Frozen Heart's Audio will be available on release day 11/9/2014 from Audible.  Within a week after release from Amazon and i-Tunes.  I hope to have it available as a CD-ROM by Christmas!!


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Marketing Advice for New Authors

I’ve gotten several message this week from authors who are just starting out.  The consistent theme has been: do I have any advice for them?  I am no expert on marketing, and I want to preface this post with these are the things that have made an impact for me.  I’ve learned tons about marketing and publishing in the last couple years, but I KNOW I still have lots to learn.  If any of you have advice for other authors that I didn't include, PLEASE share the love and leave a comment with your advice!!

1. Personal connections.  Every friend I have on Goodreads or Facebook gets a personal message from me.  I’m more interested in getting to know a hundred people who read my books and loved them than I am in connecting with a thousand who may or may not be excited to hear about my latest release, a review that brought tears to my eyes, or a message from a girl in Sri Lanka who did a book report on one of my books for school (yes, that one made me feel as cool as Cat Woman!).  Writing is very personal for me and I like the idea that the people I connect with are people I want to know and who want to know me. 

2. Book Covers.  Okay, true confession here:  I am in the one tenth of one percent of the reading population who RARELY looks at a book’s cover.  Every book I’ve read for the last two years has been based on a friend’s recommendation, a goodread’s group read, or an author I’ve met on-line who I think is fun and I’m anxious to see if their personality came through in their writing.  For the other 99.9% of the population, a cover is CRITICAL.  Make sure it looks as good when it’s the size of a quarter, as it does when you’re looking at it stretched across your screen.  The bulk of the people who see it, will see it when it is the size of a quarter.  It’s got to be dramatic enough to catch and make them want to read your synopsis and peruse your reviews.

3.   Meet other authors in your genre.  They’re just like you and me.  They have families, jobs, community commitments and they write because they love it.  If you read one of their books and a character or scene moves you, tell them.  Of the books I’ve read in the last two years, every story that brought tears to my eyes, made my heart race or made me want to throw my kindle across the room resulted in a message to the author.  Most have become close friends and exceptional sounding boards for ideas.    

4. Edit.  If you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford a professional editor, find one that you can trade with.  Offer to help them market their editing business, offer to recommend your friends to them, do whatever it takes to make sure you publish a polished book.  There are thousands of readers out there who will overlook spelling and grammatical errors (yes, I think these people are angels on earth), but there are nearly as many who will be sever in their critiques / reviews.  A well edited book with a great plot and characters is one readers will gladly recommend to all their friends.  

5. Get to know bloggers, not just at a superficial level, but get to know them.  Bloggers are the unsung heroes of the independent publishing world.  They routinely take a chance on an unknown author, devote hours of their personal time to read and review a story then publish to the world their opinions.  Word of mouth is THE BEST advertising any author could ever hope to have.  Experienced bloggers have a substantial group of followers, know how to insert tags in their posts, and if they fall in love with your story will more than recommend your story, they will advocate for you! 

For any authors out there who don’t know where to start, John Locke’s book: How I sold a million E-books in 5 Months is the best $3 you will ever spend.  When I was just starting out it was recommended to me.  It is full of exceptional marketing ideas.

I hope this has been helpful.

Happy Reading (And Writing!)